Although PETROF’s signature items are grand and upright pianos, we can make almost anything from wood according to the customer’s request.

As part of the PETROF Design division, we create luxurious interiors for houses, planes and yachts, car dashboards, acoustic panels for concert halls and solitaires, such as cassettes in a high gloss, humidors, and such.

This range allows people outside the music world to feel the joy of our skilled craftsmen’s work.

Are you looking for a reliable woodwork partner for your architectural studio? We are here for you.


We will gladly help you create a concrete form to your idea. We want our instruments and other products to be highly functional and aesthetic at the same time.

During the planning of your project, the interplay of all aspects is an essential thought to create a complex, functional interior that does not tire. It should, on the contrary, bring constant value and inspiration.

The production of every order takes place entirely in the PETROF workshops in Hradec Králové. Our experienced craftsmen guarantee precise results.

We can work with almost any material. In addition to traditional materials and techniques, we have experience with marquetry, crystal, mother-of-pearl, gold, the Japanese Maki-e technique, and 145-million-year-old fossils.

Professional assembly at the destination is guaranteed.

We will create a specific proposal for your implementation according to your requirements.

You can choose from a wide range of materials of the highest quality and countless surface finishes.

The order does not end with the assembly. Our customers use the instruments for a hundred years, during which we provide the necessary service.

You can also count on our help with your order.