Custom woodwork from master craftsmen

PETROF design

ČSOB Hradec Králové

The project of the new administrative building in Hradec Králové caught our attention primarily because of its timelessness and emphasis on sustainability. When we got the chance to be a part of it, it was a great honour and a challenge for us at the same time.
We equipped the building with acoustic veneer panels, a significant aesthetic and functional element of the entire interior. A circular lobby reception desk comes from our workshop as well.

Kitchen Hradec Králové

We implemented this kitchen project based on the customer‘s own proposal. The whole space stands out, especially with a whole range of sophisticated details and exclusivity of used material. 

The kitchen is situated in a corner of a wide open space serving as a dining room and living room on the ground floor of the 1920s villa. The effort was to connect the spirit with the help of the material used and the morphology
of the individual functional elements of original buildings with a modern concept of design and current technological possibilities.Elements from milled birch massif are repeated throughout the interior and thus create a visual link with other spaces.

PETROF Gallery Hradec Králové

We made the unique piano-shaped balcony as part of the reconstruction of an old factory hall. The perimeter of the balcony measures a respectable 18 meters. In the PETROF Gallery, you will find a showroom with pianos, a music cafe and a multifunctional hall for 500 people. It is worth noting that in 2018 the PETROF Gallery building received the Building of the Year award in the Hradec Králové region. The building also made it to the final round of the national Construction of the Year 2018 competition, in which it won the Special Prize in the Stavebnictví magazine.

Pianobar Prague

The main mission of the piano is to enrich ours with its tone for several generations lives. But nothing really lasts. If the piano is too old to be capable to function reliably, we can transform it into a bar, for example. This makes the beloved instrument serve it owner for decades to come.

Bakery Hradec Králové

For a newly opened bakery in the centre of Hradec Králové, we made a sales counter in the shape of a roll, pastry stands and seating. We used oak wood, which is finished with oil wax. The value of the entire interior was completed by the smell of freshly baked bread and satisfied customers.


As part of PETROF Design, we are able to design and manufacture smaller pieces of furniture and other accessories. A luxury chess game kit, exclusive humidors, high gloss cassettes or anything else. Our development department is ready to accommodate you as much as possible.


A passive sound amplifier designed for mobile phones is another representative of the solitaire, which we created under the title PETROF Design. The resonator is made of the same material from which we also make soundboards for pianos, i.e. from resonance spruce. This high-quality, slow-growing wood is characterized by its ability to strengthen sound without distortion. It will especially please music enthusiasts who like to surround themselves with natural materials and are fascinated by the acoustic properties of wood, just like us.